About the Project


When you inherit a project mid-stream expect to encounter numerous pitfalls. Being instructed to stain / clearcoat fir windows and door casings with low VOC ( volatile organic compounds ) to match new stain / lacquer maple so other trades can continue their work. Fauxing speakers to match wood, steel doors to match wood, demands intense concentration to unify all these elements. Painting all ceiling tiles, t-bars, bulkheads, walls, potlight trims are also included.

Pool Room Faux Steel Door

  • Faux finish steel doors on balcony to match wood

  • Stain, clearcoat all fir balcony windows to match


  • Faux 96 year old painted windows to match

Pool Room

  • Stain, clearcoat fir windows lefthand side of pool to match


  • Faux speakers to match big screen
    TV cabinet