Paintersedge is a full service painting company dedicated to our clients painting needs.

Our quality work, reasonable pricing, adherence to timelines and our commitment to customer service distinguishes Paintersedge from other painting companies.


The following services are offered by Paintersedge:


Commercial/Residential Painting:

interior or exterior projects involving repainting, or painting on renovations, collaborating with general contractors or home owners. Our team is up to the task.

Wood Finishing:

In this day and age the painting industry is leaning towards painting with low VOC
(volatile organic compounds) materials. Yet, we still are required to do some staining and lacquering.
It's so fast.

Faux Finishing = "to make look real"

This old world skill is becoming popular again, in part because many people wish to enhance their decor without impacting the environment. I am able to reproduce just for example an authentic look of Light Emperador Marble or wood graining of Zebrano, an exotic tropical wood. I have a quick and accurate 'eye' for colour matching and my faux finishes have a consistent flow. I will provide a significant sample to satisfy the clients interests.

Theme Rooms:

Occasion I get the opportunity to adlib with a client and we create an environment appealing to their minds eye.


My murals predominantly end-up being in restaurants, but lately residential home owners are showing an interest in adorning their walls with the occasional trompe l'oeil mural or images of cultural interest

Drywall Repairs:

We have the tools. We have the skills. We have our deadlines, so we make minor repairs to save you time.